Employee Stories

I am Shirley Qianting Liu, Software Developer from Tampere, Finland. I have been studying and working in Finland for many years, and for me it seems like fate to have joined OpusCapita as I am really enjoying my work. As a developer, I am responsible for maintaining software products, implementing new functionalities and improving the performance of the software. I and my colleagues try to solve customer’s problems and deliver useful features to help them. Currently I am focusing on our Invoicing software. Outside work I like to participate in a variety of volunteer activities and organize events. I’m always up for trying new experiences, for example in the Restaurant Day event. I also blog about what is happening in Tampere.

I am Osi A. Okhiria from OpusCapita’s Customer Service in Tallinn, Estonia. When I started working for OpusCapita, my position was something completely new to me. But thanks to my manager, my colleagues and advisors the learning process to the new work was very smooth and inspiring. I have the opportunity to learn something new every day, which is one of the aspects I really like in my job at OpusCapita. For me it is also important to see the purpose of what I am doing and the direction to where I am going. That way it is easy to see the value of my everyday tasks and keep the motivation up.

My name is Esmer and I work as Lead Consultant in Solna, Sweden. OpusCapita managed to shatter my biggest fears from the start of my employment. I assumed that my young age would be a disadvantage for me in my new job. But I was proven wrong, as I was sent out to our biggest customers from the very first day. By giving me these tough tasks my manager showed me that OpusCapita truly believed in me and that I had been the best candidate for this job. I get to spend my days in the very interesting border between IT and Finance and focus on optimizing payment and cash management processes. There is a lot of variety in my role, which keeps me from falling into monotony. In this environment, it is easy for me to stay positive, and I am willing to face any new challenges together with OpusCapita.

I am Anna Bobel and I have started working in OpusCapita’s Warsaw, Poland as HR Specialist at 2012. I was attracted to OpusCapita by the multinational atmosphere, which is in fact visible every day. I can say after a few years that OpusCapita is really a dynamic and truly open company, with a clear focus as to where we want to go. There are so many interesting, international opportunities open for employees here, and if you want to, you have the possibility to grow with and within the company. I took this chance and joined Marketing & Communications team in July 2016. Currently I am working as an Internal Communication Specialist and still enjoy the pleasant and sincere atmosphere and culture. I have built strong relationships with my co-workers, managers and external vendors. I love working with our people as they give the different perspectives that prove to be useful every day.

I am Aleksejs Cumiks, Lead Consultant working with Cash Management projects and located in Riga, LatviaI joined the OpusCapita team in 2012 as 2nd Line Support Specialist. During the first year of my employment I was given the opportunity to work in the company headquarters in Espoo, Finland. I took the opportunity, and at the same time I studied in Aalto University working on my Master Thesis in cooperation with OpusCapita. The Thesis work dealt with our service portfolio. Today I work with our large-scale cash management projects. We are helping corporations to improve their business processes and connecting them globally to banks in Asia, Africa and North America, for instance, via SWIFT. I believe that it is our passion for our work that helps to make our customers happy.

My name is Lina Maroscikiene. I am the manager for OpusCapita Accounting Vilnius site. Our site provides accounting services for Norway, Sweden and Lithuania. We have 130 skilled professionals in our team. Most of them speak Norwegian or Swedish, of course in addition to English, Lithuanian and other languages. We have a very tight daily cooperation with our colleagues and customers in Norway and Sweden which help us to grow together and find more and more efficient solutions every day. I have worked for this company for 10 years now, and that has been a really interesting, challenging and fascinating journey. OpusCapita is a really strong and attractive player in the market both as a service provider and employer. At present my free time is mostly dedicated to my family and kids. We like discovering new places, various outdoors activities and just enjoy every moment of our lives.

My name is Dennis Jahn. I work as a team leader at OpusCapita’s Hannover site. My team is responsible for the F&A services of one of the largest telecom companies in Germany, including AP and AR processes, general ledger and asset accounting. My team of 28 professionals works in Hanover and Halle. I have worked for OpusCapita for 9 years in FAO projects for our customers in Central Europe, and also providing support in new project implementations. In my work I am driven by customer satisfaction and always aim to provide customers with a top-notch service. In my private life I’m currently learning how to change a diaper and how to cope with too little sleep. If I have the time, I like to play football and squash. In the summertime you will most probably find me at the beach.

I am Christoph Hochgatterer, an Austrian conquering the scandinavic regions. I joined OC as Project manager in 2016. Project Management is driving all our customer implementations and my professional teams are supporting me in this. I really like it here. One of the reasons is because OC is truly international. That counts for the projects I am running, our customers, but also my teams. I was encouraged right from the start to bring in expertise. But I was also given the chance to learn about new solutions and best practices. The right setup and a good connection to my management was very important to get things running smoothly. If I am not running my projects I like being outside, fishing, skiing, or just having a nice barbecue.